Saturday, March 5, 2011

Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies Ascension Strategy

Here is a vidya of basic solo kite zombie tactics.


1. Roughly only ~25 zombies can spawn at any given time, regardless of what round, so you have to capitalize on this to maximize ammo efficiency and minimize swinkability°.

2. Marlon Rando¹ is your best friend. Ideal setup is Claymores, Black Hole Bombs, Thunder Gun / Ray Gun upgraded with the pack-and-punch²

This is whats known as Viking Position, best for 3-man setups. 

3. Get to Viking Pozish early. I would recommend that the point man near the broken rail keeps the starting pistol to upgrade to mustang and sally grenade rounds.

4.  When that shyesty Maxine³ finally drops, make sure you dump ammo and that everyone is reloaded first.

Beast Mode.

5.   I AZ I TACTIIX is a beast.

Personal Record
  • Kino der Toten-  Rd 37
  • Ascension-        Rd 27

swinkable°- noun. - able to be swunk. or swunked up.  JoeFro is nearly unswinkable with Flopper and InstaKrill.
swunked°-adj.- the act of being cornered or multi-trashed by zombs.
Marlon Rando¹- noun - the random box. Marlon Rando blessed me early with Ray Gun! It is fact that jumping improves your chances with Marlon Rando.
Pack-and-punch²- noun - what Krauser calls the pack-a-punch machine.
Maxine³- noun - Max Ammo.


  1. I have been postponing getting Black Ops cause I will play it 194 hours non stop and my eyes bleed...

  2. Nice Videos, I really need Black Ops ^^

  3. thank you thank you a million times. I got blackops for zombies only really because I enjoyed it in w@w. But noone really wants to zombies with me so I don't quite know the map well TT^TT

  4. When is it comming out on PC?

  5. I didn't know only about 25 would ever pop up. That changes the whole game for me...

  6. That is quite impressive but he ran in a circle for 5 minutes.. thats kinda dumb ahahah

  7. Thanks for the tips man, I love me some zombies with my friends!

  8. Thanks for the map, awesome!

    Btw. check out my new INFO and LIFEHACK blog :D

  9. Nice vids and tips, going to put them to good use later

  10. Nice videos

    I need that game ^^

  11. Really don't like using the thunder gun.. =/

  12. I haven't gotten Black Ops yet...why must I be so socially inept at times?! lol.

  13. I suck at Zombies, hopefully this makes me much better at it

  14. I've never made it past the 10th round i'll have to try this out! Followed.