Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Self Dream Interpretation




            Sporadic segmented staccato snippets signal the subconscious

Dreams are BACKWARDS puzzles. Some reassembly required.
They are a direct line of communication from your subconsciousness.
Unfortunately our dreams are not as direct as we are in real life.
Don't take anything for face value; events, actions places, even people could be a representing something else. 

Beware understanding is no easy feat!
Dreams are forgotten almost instantly,
especially if the appropriate steps 
of recall aren't taken immediately.

Let me get this out of the way right now, 
only YOU can successfully understand 
and interpret what your subconscious is trying to convey to yourself. 
Fukc all these dream "meanings" dictionaries, websites and books, they are a hoax. Everyone of the 6.8 billion people are slightly different, so how could their dreams not be vastly different?

In order to appreciate what your subconscious is trying to tell you,
 you must gather the facts and snippets 
piece by piece in reverse or. egaugnaL maerD nI esreveR,

Dream recollection is a LIFO process, that is Last In First Out, similar to how a Pez dispenser loads and how the candy is retrieved. Most recent pez is on top. Note the picture above is only to depict a concept, as I believe dreaming every hour is nearly impossible. I've tried. 

Write it down. Draw it. Record it.  Just Transmit it to a permanent and tangible medium. This will not only give you something to look back on, but it will also enable less inhibited access to recall previous parts of your dream(s). The things you record or remember may make you feel a certain way, churn up old memories or be related to happenings prior to sleeping, which is the first step in figuring out wtf it means. Usually the context of the dream will be paralleled to something that your conscious mind has been holding onto. Symbolism is everything. 

People. They could be your uncle one minute than your neighbor Bob, or both people at the same time! They could represent their relationship to you or the feeling they give you, eg. trust, fear, hospitality, etc.    

Dream logic. Dreams obviously don't follow a linear path so you cannot assume anything that doesn't feel right. Just because your dream setting is in the bank doesn't necessarily mean that you were there making a money transaction. It could represent something in real life that you want to lock up safely.



  1. very interesting. never heard of looking at dreams in reverse order. most the time I don't record anything about dreams either. this could be kewl to try.

  2. Actually this kind of things scare me xD

  3. Very interesting read!
    great article

  4. been having some crazy dreams lately. i always want to try and write them down but i always forget. ninja turtle pez!

  5. Hell yeah, theres this thing called Lucid Dreaming i tried to follow those steps but its hard to tell your self "DUDE WAKE UP AFTER EVERY DREAM AND RIGHT IT DOWN" because your like drowsy and just want more sleep.

  6. Oh I remember trying to get into Lucid Dreaming. Actually had my alarm set for every 3 hours or so. It was hell, but I recalled some pretty interesting dreams back then.

    Don't agree with the LIFO idea though. I've had times where I would remember up to 3 separate dreams from a night, though sometimes you need to be careful not to mistake it for one big dream.

  7. I have been in a dream and realized it being one so I sort of let inhibitions free and I think that most people subconscious breaking free. Good read.

  8. Great blog! I have been trying to induce Lucid dreams lately, yet to have one though :(. Definitly following this!

  9. I keep a dream journal, even before I heard of lucid dreaming.

  10. I've never remembered more than one dream a night, and that's always right before i wake up for the morning. Especially if I stay in bed longer than usual.

  11. Always wanted to try this. Never was able to keep my dream journal updated though.

  12. My Uncle Bob used to touch me at night. :'( THANKS FOR BRINGING BACK ALL THE REPRESSED MEMORIES.

  13. Very interesting read. You should read "the art of dreaming" by Carlos Casteneda.

  14. wow, really nice. Am interested in this and it's a nice quality posting, will twitter it.

  15. it's actually pretty cool if you look at it from a stimulus-response perspective. one thought leads to another in a subconscious free-association sort of thing. it's really fascinating.

  16. Great post, I feel like you especially hit some truth with your 'pez dispenser' diagram. When I wake up to write in my dream journal, sometimes it's hard to tell whether I had several dreams or just a long disjointed one. The last one's always the clearest, though.